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As men, we are the most influential beings that God created. We have incredible strength, power, and depth given to us for a reason. However, most of us don’t find ourselves living from a place of strength. We usually live from a place of routine, and survival. Men, this is no way to live. It is certainly not the life that God wants for you.

We live in a unique time where our culture and society has not only held masculinity in contempt but aims at making the world androgynous. In an effort to combat masculinity gone bad, the world has gone to great effort to alter it. For generations now men have been belittled in the media as incompetent oafs. The high levels of fatherless homes and aggression against masculinity have left many men struggling to clearly define what a real man is – much less how to live like a strong one. Men have been told not to take risks. That we should not be dangerous, to not be aggressive, etc. The sad truth is that men have been expected to behave and act like women do.

The idea that men are not good at relationships because they don’t relate like women do – is a lie. That all violence and aggression is bad – is a lie. The idea that real men drive lifted trucks, drink excessively, and put women in their place – is also a lie. At Anvil Ministries we are here to bring truth to the lies we have been told, and bring balance to the caricature we have been sold. We are here to help men restore what has been buried, lost, ruined or forgotten. We are here to come alongside men on their journey to live out authentic masculinity.

God will challenge you here. The Devil will rise against you. By God’s grace, you will find your strength and live from it with passion. This is Anvil Ministries.

Find Your Strength.