Anvil Ministries E5: Intro to Fight Club Series- Memento Mori

Anvil Ministries E5: Intro to Fight Club Series- Memento Mori

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Intro song: (Modified) “Medula Oblongata” by The Dust Brothers

Hello, and Welcome to the Anvil Podcast E5!
Last week we finished our series on Blacksmithing Idiums. If you havnt already – Check it out.

This week we are starting a new series based on the movie Fight Club.

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Intro- Lessons from the cult classic movie Fight Club.

Before we get into the topic for today and get into this new series I have a challenge for you. This is something we do in Anvil from time to time. I want to you focus on one thing for these next four weeks. One thing that you would like to change. One thing that is holding you back from living the life that God wants for you. Just one. If you have no idea what that one thing is, you should by the end of this show.

Focus on that over these next few weeks. Pray about it daily. Talk about it with others in your life. Just one thing. Don’t get distracted with more then one. Just pick one, and commit yourself to it.

With that lets get into it…

Memento Mori
Live like you will die. Because you will.

Death is not something that is pleasent. It is not something that we usually think about, at least not in a healthy way. Fight Club takes a great stance on death, and our own mortality, and thats what we’ll be talking about today.

Before that-
If you have not seen FC-
1. Go see it or read it. 2. This series will ruin the movie/book for you. Like Darth is Luke’s father ruin it. Like Bruce Willis is dead in the 6th sense ruin it. Sorry if I ruined those for ya.

Anyhow, It is a very interesting movie, and book. Much of its content speaks to the core of masculinity(worldly), and contains critical parts of the masculine journey.

With that said it is rated R. It is by no means a Christian movie. If that bothers you, don’t see it or read it. One of my favorite things to do is take things from the world, things that have nothing to do with God, and use them for His glory. So that is what I’m doing here for those that are offended that I am praising/using a movie that is full of sin.

So, the part of FC that we are going to talk about today is something called “Memento Mori” and how to live like you will die.

Memento mori is Latin for “Remember death.” The phrase is believed to originate from an ancient Roman tradition in which a servant would be tasked with standing behind a victorious general as he paraded though town. As the general basked in the glory of the cheering crowds, the servant would whisper in the general’s ear: “Respice post te! Hominem te esse memento! Memento mori!” = “Look behind you! Remember that you are but a man! Remember that you will die!”

“Memento Mori” is a reflection of something that we all know, but rarely dwell on, or process in a healthy way. If used correctly, it can really help us move into the things that God wants us too. It can help us get off our butt and start doing knowing that our days are numbered.

This is a critical part of our story as men, in God’s much larger story. You see it was never God’s intention for us to die. One of the greatest gifts He gave us is the gift to choose. And we choose poorly. That is our reality now. From the dust we were taken, and from the dust we shal return.

One of my favorate quotes from FC is from Tyler Durden – “This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time.”

“All flesh is like grass and all its glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers, and the flower falls, but the word of the Lord remains forever.”
‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭1:24-25‬ ‭ESV‬‬ (A quote from Isaiah)

“My days are like an evening shadow; I wither away like grass.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭102:11‬ ‭ESV‬‬

“…we are like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again…”
‭‭2 Samuel‬ ‭14:14‬ ‭ESV‬‬

We. Will. All. Die.

Now reflecting on your own mortality can be pretty dark right?
Until, that is, you actually think about it and let it move you into action. We need to let the reality and importance of our own mortality spur us on to the things God has called us to. Death comes at anytime, how would you feel about how you have lived if you died after listening to this?

I am not talking about some kind of eternal judgement, you should come to Christ if you are uncertain about what will happen if you die in the next 20min. That’s important, but I am talking about looking back on your life, and how you have chosen to live it. If you died, how would you feel about how you lived?

At first you might take a positive spin here – to spare yourself some of the unpleasant realities that you have lived. Don’t think back to things that you have done, think of the impact you have made on the lives of others. How did you impact them? Did you impact anyone at all? Was there more good then bad?

Again this has nothing to do with how God will judge you, which He will. This is about a mortal self assessment. If you have somethings you may like to do differently, or think you’ve got it all pretty well sorted I’d encourage you to take a honest look, and pray about it. See if you get anything from God about it.

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Back into topic-
Memento Mori isn’t about going to heaven or not, its not even about death. It’s about life, and living the life God called us to. Memento Mori is reminding us that our days are numbered, and God wants us to be good stewards of them.

With each minute that goes by, your life is one minute closer to ending. It’s a little terrifying to think about, and that’s the whole point. It should be. Don’t shy away from it, embrace it.

There is a scene in FC where the main character Tyler goes into a convience store, and tells his buddy to meet him around the back. Tyler comes out a back door holding a guy at gunpoint. Tyler makes him get on his knees, and takes his wallet. Tyler then goes through his wallet and finds his address, and a community college card. Through some further investigation finds out that the clerk was going to school to become a veterinarian, but he dropped out, and was working at a convience store. Tyler threatens his life, and says that if he is not on his way to becoming a vet in the next 6 weeks that he would find him and kill him.Terrified the clerk runs off, and you find out that the gun was never loaded. It was Tyler’s way of helping that man go and better his life. To stop coming up with excuses, and go do something.

Some of us need that. If you do, I pray that it is God doing it. Who knows, maybe through this He is. Men your days are numbered. You will die, and you will likely not be ready for it. It will not be convient, but it will happen.

So many of us, especially when we’re young, go through life with little to no concept whatsoever of the fact that we aren’t going to live forever. This is a standard theme of youthful ignorance, and one that can greatly hold us back.

Tyler Durden knows that our knowledge of death is crucial to our growth: “You will die, and until you know this you are useless to me.”

Once we know that someday we’re going to die — that with each passing day our remaining time on Earth is a little bit shorter — we’re more likely to actually do something meaningful with our life.

I have an important question to ask you-
“What will you wish you’d done before you died?”

I love practical teaching, and taking action. So here is something you can do this week to find your strength-

This is going to be something a little different for us here, but stay with me. If possible, get ready to pause what you are doing for about 1-2 min. It’s just a couple of minutes, and it God can use it to drastically change your life for the better. Most of you probably cant, but if it’s possible – do it. As with everything Anvil does the more you put in the more you’ll get out. If you were at a Forge meeting I’d be telling you to grab your notebooks. If you can grab something to write with awesome, if not thats okay.

If you can close your eyes. Now I want you to imagine that sometime in the next week you will die. It doesnt matter how exactly when for this exercise, what matters is that you feel the reality of your own mortality.

For those that are thinking this may be prophetic – its not, but roll with that. What would happen if you died next week?Pick a day. The day that you are no longer a part of this earth.

Imagine what would happen with your friends, and family – all the people in your life? How would they have your funeral? What would it be like? Who would be there? Who wouldn’t? Is it an open casket? Are you cremated? What about flowers? Do they have a picture up? What picture? Who leads the service? Who would get up to speak? What would they say? What do you wish they would talk about? What is important now? What with happen with all your stuff? What with happen with your job? Your home, car, room, etc. How will it effect your friends and family and the people in your life?

How does the “one thing” we talked about earlier come into play here? The one thing in your life you’d like to change or be different? One thing in your life that isn’t working for you. It’s working against you? How does that one thing relate to you being dead now?

Open your eyes, and write about your experience because if your anything like me you’ll likely forget.

Think about how you spend your time. It is my hope that we can live our lives in a way that we know our days are limited, and that every minute that passes we are closer to the end of our time on this planet. I hope that encourages you to press on, and go after the things God wants you to.

Wrap up- what’s next?-
That just about wraps up our episode. I hope you enjoyed it. I am enjoying serving you through it. Our next episode we will continue on with our FC series, how we can learn from it, and apply it to our lives. So be sure you catch those and continue your journey with me as men.

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I may not know you, but I pray for you regularly. God is for you, as am I. You may be living to seize the day, and making the most of every moment, and you may be in a dark place thinking no one would even care if you were dead. I want you to know that God is with you, He cares and wants to help you. You are His son. He wants great things for you. And loves you more then you can imagine. Most of the time that love comes through others, and I would love to talk with you or pray for you, just shoot me an email so we can get in touch.

Men – Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Continue to fight the good fight, and find your strength.

I am David with Anvil ministries. May your journey continue…