Podcast E11 The Matrix – There Is No Spoon

Podcast E11 The Matrix – There Is No Spoon

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Podcast E11 The Matrix – There is no spoon

Welcome- Hello, and Welcome to the Anvil Podcast E11! We are countinuing our series on The Matrix looking at the biblical lessons within and how to apply them to our lives.

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This weeks episode we are going to be talking about the meaning behind the concept that “there is no spoon”.

Obviously if you have not seen The Matrix this will ruin it for you. Also the M came out in ’99, so if its been awhile since you’ve seen it, try and check it out. It will help the things we are going to talk about be a little more clear.

In this series I have a challenge for you. I’d like you to start really considering who you are. Start taking small steps today, and hopefully a little everyday to start really taking an honest look at what kind of a man you are.

What kind of a man you think you are, what kind of man others think you are, and what kind of man God thinks you are.

With that lets get into it…

Topic- There is no spoon.

Last week we talked about the Red Pill and the Blue Pill, and the power of choice we have as disciples of Christ. How Neo has to make a choice. One way or the other – he chooses. We do the same, initially to accept, and aknowledge that Christ is Lord – or not and we believe whatever we want to believe.

Now, the gift that God has given us to choose does not end there. In fact that is where it begins. The choice to submit our will to Christ’s will is a daily, and sometimes a moment by moment choice.

And also like Neo, these choices don’t just effect us, but many others that in one way or another our lives influence. Easily this is our friends, our families, our Wives and children. It extends much farther then that though. Every person we have direct, or indirect contact with can influence them in some way.

This is why Christ wants us to “consider others better then our selves”. That person you cut off while driving, or that person you let in while driving impacts them in one way or another. When you interact with a cashier, you impact them. When you interact with your coworkers, you impact them. When you simply smile at someone, and acknowledge their presence you impact them.

Men let me tell you something you probably don’t realize – you have an incredible ability to influence others. For better or worse the choice is yours. It is ours, and what kind of way we choose to live as Disciples of Christ. So choose wisely.

It is the little choices we make that shape our lives closer to what God wants for us, or closer to what we want for us. The choice I want to talk to you about today is this concept that “There is no spoon”

In case it has been awhile since you have seen The Matrix, and you may have no idea what I am talking about – let me set the stage for you.

At roughly the half way point in the movie the main character Thomas Anderson aka Neo has just learned what the M is, and has received some basic training to exist and interact with the M. What he is introduced to is that the M is nothing more then an elaborate computer program, with other programs within it.

These sub-programs are sentinels called Agents. As part of his training with Morphious he is introduced to this concept that within the M it is his mind, not his physical body that controls how he interacts with the M, and also Agents. All of that, the M, and its agents are built, and as such have rules, and limitations. As Morphious says “some of these rules can be bent, others can be broken.”

At this point in the movie, Neo is just barely trying to wrap his head around all that, but slowly he is getting there. After his training he is ready for Morphious to take him to see the Oracle. This is the Oracle that made the prophesy about The One, and the one that told Morphious that he would find The One.

When waiting to see the Oracle he comes across a room with a handful of children that are “the other potentials”. Some are playing quietly, acouple of them are floating blocks through the air. Off to the side Neo sees a young boy with several bent spoons laid out infront of him.

Neo approaches the boy, as he does the boy hands him a spoon. He says “do not try and bend the spoon, that’s impossible. Instead only try and realize the truth.” Neo replies “What truth?” Then the boy says “There is no spoon.” He continues saying “Then you’ll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”

So what in the world does that have to do with us men? With choice? With God, and our relationship with Him?

Let me tell you, at it’s simplest this idea that there is no spoon is faith. It is relying on the truth, the real truth, not just what you can see in front of you.

Now those of you that have been Christians you have likely heard this verse in ESV, or a similar version.

Hebrews‬ ‭11:1‬ ‭ESV‬‬
“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

But what does that mean? For more of a HD approach I’d like to share with you the AMP version. Now, it’s amplified so there’s a lot more to it then most other translations so stay with me for a second, and we’ll unpack it together.

HEBREWS‬ ‭11:1-2‬ ‭AMP‬‬
“Now faith is the assurance (title deed, confirmation) of things hoped for (divinely guaranteed), and the evidence of things not seen [the conviction of their reality–faith comprehends as fact what cannot be experienced by the physical senses].”

Then V2 goes on to say-

“For by this [kind of] faith the men of old gained [divine] approval.”
Man, that’s a lot more detailed, but especially for those verses that we may have heard a lot I like seeing what the AMP version says as it usually shakes things up enough for me to gain additional perspective I did not have before.

Now let’s take a closer look at this-

“Now faith is the assurance…”

What does that mean, assurance? In Greek it refers to something like a title to our equivalent of a title to a car or house. Something solid, that we can trust, that proves that we own it. That it IS ours. At the same time it means confirmation. “Assurance” is this proof, and confirming – as the verse continues..

“of things hoped for…”

Now, things hoped for? What is the Apostle Paul talking about here? In the Greek it refers to something that is “divinely guaranteed”, to me, that means the promises of God.

So, Heb 11:1 describes Faith as our assurance (ownership like a title – shows proof, and confirms) things hoped for (things that are divinely guaranteed – the promises of God) and the verse continues with…

“…the evidence of things not seen”

Evidence of things not seen – What does that mean? It may seem like it literally contradicts itself, but it does not. Evidence is proof. So – faith is like our proof, confirming the things that we hope for, the promises of God, the conviction of their reality–faith comprehends as fact – what cannot be experienced by the physical senses.

It’s a lot I know, and Neo didn’t get it all at first either. Faith takes time, it is not something that just “boom” exists, and you have it. It is not something we are born with, although some do have it as a spiritual gift, but that is different then what we are talking about here.

Faith is exercised, it is built up, it is developed. Now, bringing that back to the story line in the M – to bend the spoon, Neo needs to realize the truth that there is no spoon, that the spoon only exists within a computer simulation. In reality, the real world there is no spoon in his hand.

As he starts to believe, and exercise his faith in the truth – we see the spoon bend. But as the boy said, it is not really the spoon that bends, it is him. His approach to the spoon is based on truth, but that truth conflicts with what he sees with what he can feel, and even taste and smell if he wanted.

Exercising Faith is like that. Dispite of what our circumstances are. Regardless of what choices we have made – good or bad, and that place that we are in life – the Truth remains. When all we can see, and smell, and taste, and touch tells us one thing we can exercise our faith in God. Realizing there is no spoon, and letting ourselves bend. Changing our perspective, and standing firm on the foundation of God’s Promises. When we hold tight to that, we exercise our Faith.

Now if you are not really sure what that means, let us know. We’d love to pray for you, and talk with you more about it. Shoot me an email at David@AnvilMinistries.com Come and see what Anvil is all about. Come check out our website.

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So back to Faith, and the promises of God…

There are TONs of these throughout the Bible. It’s basically what the Bible is filled with. There are enough we could do several series on them, and maybe one day we will, but for today there are just a few I’d like to go over.

Before I do, here is my disclaimer. I don’t believe the Bible is magical. I don’t believe it has powers of some kind other then to communicate God’s truth to people. I personally don’t believe in the “name it and claim it” that some of my brothers and sisters practice. So you wont hear that on the podcast.

I do believe that God’s word is complete, and perfect, and lacks nothing. It is good for teaching, and reproof in how we should live.

Some of God’s Promises-

Matt. 6:25-34 Talks about how God will provide us with what we need, but we must seek His Kingdom first.

Eph 2:8 Says that we are saved by Grace through faith. A free gift given by God, that if accepted we life forever with Him.

‭‭Jude‬ ‭1:24‬ God is able to keep us from stumbling.

1 Corinthians‬ ‭10:13‬ God will also not let us be tempted with more then we can endure, and also provides a way to escape the temptation.

Romans 8:26-28 Talks about how the very Spirit of God will help us, and to those that love God, and are called according to His purpose – He works out all things for good.

There are a ton more. Read your Bible. There in there.

So by “Only realizing the Truth” that “There is no spoon” we see that it is not the world that changes, it is us. Through actively exercising our faith we change. We bend to the will of God, and begin living as the men He wants us to.

Now in the last episode we talked about how Christ has given us the freedom to choose. In there I mentioned how in the M Neo isn’t ready to make the choice between the Red Pill and the Blue Pill until he is honest with himself.

This couldn’t be more true when we exercise our Faith. We have to be brutally honest with ourselves before we are really ready to choose to exercise our Faith. You see God never asks, or expects us to have blind faith, He wants us to exercise Biblical Faith.

Biblical Faith is based on evidence. God never asks us to blindly go into anything. He actually asks us the opposite, to use and seek wisdom, the council of others, and to use the minds He gave us.

A better understanding of what I am talking about here with faith is Trust. Exercising Faith is trusting God. We can trust Him based on the evidence of the other things that He has done in our lives, the lives of others, and in the Bible.

So often I see Christian men, and women, throw logic, and common sense out the window in the name of faith. I don’t think it works like that. Both are needed, we need to use our minds, and seek His wisdom, and His understanding. Take into consideration the council of others when exercising faith. Not just blindly jump off a cliff and call it faith. We need to trust God. We need to know, and learn that we can trust Him.

That is exercising faith. Truly trusting Him, based on the promises He made to us. Logic, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and Faith all together.

I love practical teaching, and taking action. So here is something you can do this week to find your strength-

Look for opportunities to exercise faith this week. Could be large or small. Seek some good council first, pray about it, pray for God’s wisdom with it and His understanding, count the cost – then take action on it.

Not sure of where you can exercise faith? Pray about it, talk with others and see what they can see from their perspective.

Faith requires action. It also requires wisdom, and knowledge. What’s an area of your life that you need to start trusting God with? What is an action you can take this week to trust Him with it?

Maybe your marriage? Another close relationship? Something at work, or about work? Maybe money, or a direction to go?

I don’t know what it is for you, but God does. Pray about it. Then take action, and exercise and grow your faith.

That wraps up our episode this week. It is my hope you got something valuable from it. It is my great honor serving you here through our Anvil podcast. Our next episode we will continue our series on the Matrix where we are going to talk about the character Cypher, what we can learn from him, and how we can apply that to our lives. It’s gonna be sweet – don’t miss it.

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Men – Don’t forget you are God’s son – start living like it. He wants great things for you, and loves you more then you will ever know. He is our good Father, and you can trust Him.

Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Continue to fight the good fight, and you will find your strength.

I am David with Anvil ministries. May your journey continue…