Podcast E13 The Matrix – The One – Part 1

Podcast E13 The Matrix – The One – part 1

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Podcast E13 The Matrix – The One part 1

Welcome- Hello, and Welcome to the Anvil Podcast E13! We are countinuing our series on The Matrix looking at the biblical lessons within and how to apply them to our lives.

If you havnt already – Check out any episodes you missed in this series. There’s some good stuff you’ve missed in the series thus far.

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This weeks episode we are going to be talking about “The One”

Obviously if you have not seen The Matrix this series will ruin it for you. Also the M came out about 20yrs ago, so if its been awhile since you’ve seen it, try and check it out. It will help the things we are going to talk about here. Making things a little more clear, and likely you’ll get more out of the series.

Men- In this series I have a challenge going on for you. I’d like you to start really truly considering who you are as a man. Start by taking some small steps today, and then everyday this week to start really taking an honest look at what kind of a man you are.

What kind of a man you think you are, what kind of man others think you are, and what kind of man God thinks you are.

For those of you that have been doing that, I pray that God has been revealing some good things to you, and bringing some clarity, and new perspective that you did not have before. Keep it up. There is more that God has to show you.

With that lets get into it…

Topic- The One.

The first part of the series we talked about the Red Pill and the Blue Pill, and our power of choice as Christians. How Neo makes a choice and how we do the same. We accept, and aknowledge that Christ is Lord – or we don’t.

E2 we talked about “how there is no spoon.” Which is really about faith. What is faith, and what it isn’t. How biblical faith is not a blind faith.

E3 We looked at a specific character in the M – Cypher. How he is a good representation of our flesh, and how to be aggressive in our fight against our flesh.

This week we are going to talk about “The One”. There is SO MUCH to unpack here this is going to be a 2 part episode.

In case it has been awhile since you have seen The Matrix, and you may not recall exactly what I am talking about – lets go through the story of The One.

The One, is the bulk of the M is about. We are teased right up until the end of the movie – is Neo the one or not?

There are some that believe, some that are on the fence, and some that don’t believe he is the one at all. The story of Neo is really about him disovering who he really is – as a man.

You see in the begining we see him as Thomas Anderson. As the film progresses he discovers that he is The One. Something that at the begining of the story he did not even know existed. He did not even know what the M is, much less anything about a prophecy, or The One. That is CRITICAL to what we are going to be talking about here.

Let’s take a quick look at the people in Neo’s life. Because it’s going to be helpful in how we are going to learn from, and apply this to our lives. On one extreme we have Morpheus, and his unwavering faith in Neo, that Neo is without question -The One. On the other side we have Cypher that doesn’t “buy into Morpheus’ BS.”

In the undecided grey area we find just about everyone else. Trinity – who doesn’t know if he is The One because she doesn’t know if she loves him or not. Mouse – that is overly excited that Neo might make his first jump in the jump program, but then isn’t sure what it means when Neo falls like everyone else does.

And finally we have Neo, aka Thomas Anderson. Who starts out in disbelief, then starts to think he may be, then the Oracle tells him that he has “the gift”, but that he is waiting for something, but doesn’t know what. As the story goes on we see him slowly discover that he is in fact The One.

Before we continue our story of The One, we should really talk a little about what The One is in the first place.

In the movie we learn about The One when Morpheus trains Neo. The One is a prophecy by the Oracle. It says that when the M was first created that somehow there was a man born inside. That he could change the M as he saw fit, and it was him that freed the first humans. After he died, the Oracle predicted his return, and upon his return he would bring balance to the M, and end the war between man and machine.

To find out what this means to us today as men we need to start at the begining. The very first time we see Neo, he is asleep at his computer. The computer is doing some sort of automatic search. The irony of this is huge because he is in a sleep like state outside of the M, but from the inside trying to wake up.

Suddenly his monitor turns black, and green text writes “Wake up Neo…” Oddly enough, he does. Again with the irony of needing to wake up from the M itself. What is important here, and is easy to miss is – Identity.

You see in the M his name by birth is Thomas A Anderson. The mysterious green text calls him by his hacker name Neo – his true name, and true identity. As The One is basically a hacker from inside the M.

This is huge for us as men. Names are important to God, because they relate to our identity. Several times we see this in scripture. Abram becomes Abraham when God makes His covenant with him. Jacob becomes Israel after wrestling with God. Saul becomes Paul after his encounter with Jesus.

Names are important to God. Our identity is important to God. It is why when I speak to men, I do my best to avoid words like guys. Because being a man means something. You see who we are, and how we see ourselves has such a huge impact on how we live our lives. This is way to big to unpack here. We’ll likely do a whole series on Identity in the future. For the time being, just know that our Identity is critical to our walk with Christ in authentic masculinity.

Back to the M… Wake up Neo is followed up with “The M has you.” This is the first time we see someone trying to reach out to Neo with the truth. At first it comes across as confusing, but also important.

“What do you mean the M has me? I don’t even know what the M is, but it has me?” As men we need to remember what it was like before we were saved. Or if you came to Christ at a young age – sharing the Gospel with someone needs to be led by the Spirit. When all you know is the dark, it is hard to explain what light is. It usually takes time, and steps to get there. Equal amounts of Truth, and also Grace.

The last thing on the monitor is “Follow the white rabbit.” This is the push that Neo needs to go out into the unknown. Men, like Neo, we need to be on the lookout for God’s still and quiet voice leading us into the unknown. That little push from the Spirit of God, asking us to take that little step – ultimately closer to Him.

If you think God is giving you that little push – we would love to pray with you about it. You can always shoot me an email if you’d like at David@AnvilMinistries.com Come and see what Anvil is all about at AnvilMinistries.com. There are a handful of resources there for you. I hope you take advantage of them.

If you are not connected with a local church can really help too. Listening to podcasts, or sermons is not church. As Christian men It’s critical for us to belong to a physical body of believers. If you are looking in southern CA – check out-

Olive Branch Community Chuch – Great place in Corona, CA. It’s a well established church, that is growing, and has many resources for you to get involved. For more info check out their website at Olive-Branch.org

Now, my passion has gotten me a little off track here, lets get back to the story of The One.

After meeting Trinity for the first time we find Neo waking up late for work, and being reprimanded by his boss, who coincidentally looks just like Agent Smith.

Neo’s boss goes on saying – “you have a problem with authority. You think that you are special. That somehow the rules do not apply to you. Obviously you are mistaken.”

This resistance, and attack on Neo’s very identity is critical here. You see just as Neo has started taking steps to find out what the M, is, and really his path of realizing who he truly is under full attack, but is easily over looked. Listen to the irony, truths, and lies in what his boss says-

“You have a problem with authority.” – As Thomas Anderson he does not. He is weak, and cowardly. But as Neo, he does have a problem authority, as it is his place to rise against the evil authority he as been put under.

Now, men I am not advocating rebelling against God given authority. But if we are ever under some authority that is clearly against God, then yes, that is absolutely something that you should take action against. With God’s leading and wisdom of course.

Neo’s boss continues – “You think that you are special. That somehow the rules do not apply to you.” This is ironically 100% true, as Neo is special. He is The One, and as The One the rules of the M do not apply to him.

That is quickly followed up with the lie- “Obviously you are mistaken.”

Men – The M (program, not the movie itself) is a perfect example of the the world. The world constantly lies to us with the same kind of lies we see here with Neo and his boss. You are nothing special, you must obey these rules. Fall in line just like everyone else.

As Christians, this could not be farther from the truth. But like Neo in this scene we have a hard time believing anything other then what we have been told for most of our lives. Without question behave this way. You are nothing special at all.

Now I am not talking about how “everyone is special” like when many of us were kids. I am talking about that you are special because God is in you, and He wants to use you in a way that is unique only to you. You are the only one that can do what He wants you to do. Special like that.

The other thing Neo’s boss does is shift the focus on the company. That he is part of the company. That is where his identity lies.

Men – this is so often what I see in the lives of men. They buy into the lie that what God has called them to is small. Forget about those big passions, visions, ideas, etc. Things that can literally change the world. No. Focus on what is small, that is your identity.

The big things that God has called you too don’t need to seem big either. Building relationships, and investing in others may not seem big, but let me tell you it is, and can literally make the world a better place as cheesy as that sounds.

Also, for those that are in a position of authority over a child you have more power then you know. As men we are like the rudder on a child’s ship. Our actions, even the smallest can, and will greatly impact, and steer the direction of that child’s life. Whether we do it with purpose, or not. A mans influence on a child is the most powerful influence they will likely have. Don’t get me wrong, women make a huge impact in the lives of children, but not the way that men do. If this is you, I pray you use your power and influence with godly wisdom. Exercising truth and grace balanced as best you can.

It is this point in the story where Morpheus reaches out to Neo. Neo doesn’t know it but the Agents are after him. Morpheus leads him exactly where he needs to go to escape. But Neo runs head on into this internal conflict.

On one hand he knows people are after him. On the other he has an option to escape, but doesn’t believe he can. He buys into the BS he has been fed his entire life. Listen to what he says when trying to escape out a window, and onto some scaffolding.

“I can’t do this, this is crazy.” “I’m going to die.” “I’m a nobody.”

Morpheus responds with – “There are 2 ways out of this building. One is the scaffolding, the other is in their custody. You take a risk either way. I leave it to you.”

As we talked about in a previous episode Morpheus’ role is that of a pastor, a mentor. As some older wiser council. As a pastor, and mentor to men this scene kills me because I see it unfold regularly in the lives of men I work with.

A man is in a difficult place. He is struggling. Usually in regard to some decisions that need to be made. We talk about it, and encourage him to take the scaffolding, but he doesn’t. Now this doesn’t bother me because he didn’t take the advise, it is because of WHY he didn’t take the advise. 9 times out of 10 its because he still believes the lies he has been told. Those same things Neo says come up in his mind – “I can’t do this, this is crazy.” “I’m going to die.” “I’m a nobody.” And it feels just like that to them.

And if I am honest I run into similar struggles when the men I submit to as pastors, and mentors. It’s a scary thing. It should be. That’s why you have someone by your side to help you. We would do well to remember that with our pastors, mentors, and even our fathers (depending on what kind of man your dad is).

So this brings up 2 things. 1. As men we all need a Morpheus in our life. A man that we know. A man that knows us. A man that you have prayerfully sought out. Someone that has a different perspective. With older wiser council. Someone that can see things that you are blind to. A good place to find that is in the church you go to. It can also be a good friend. But its someone that you need to be able to talk with regularly. And it is someone that you can really trust. Their interest and motivation can only be for your best interest, and helping you ultimately grow closer to God, and others.

The second thing is once you have that person in your life – listen to them. Trust them. It doesn’t mean you do whatever they say. Still seek God before anything else, but take what they have said very seriously. You, and hopefully God put them in you life for a reason. To help you with things that are hard. With things that are risky. Lean on and trust in God above all else, but many times God will use men like that in our lives to tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear.

I love practical teaching, and taking action. So here is something you can do this week to find your strength-

Seek out a Morpheus in your life if you don’t have one. A mentor, a pastor, a friend, a mens leader. Someone. A man that you can really trust, and can come along side you in the battles of life.

Again they are not the end all be all. And absolutely no substitute for God. You still need to be spending regular time with God, and time in His Word. But a brother that can offer sound advise, and good godly council.

In some churches we have talked about this as a man that you give permission to speak into your life. Once you do, use them, reach out to them, and trust them. Especially when its hard to.

If you already have someone like that in your life, I encourage you to look for someone where you can be that man. Where you can be the Morpheus to another man. Do not jump straight into that role. It is critical that in that type of relationship that it is God lead. And you will be held accountable to God for the guidance you give others. It is nothing to be taken lightly or casually.

Looking for an age difference is a good place to start. If you are in your 30’s or 40’s look for a man in his 20’s. If you are a man in your 20’s look for a man in high school, or even jr. high. Age difference isn’t the end all – be all, but it is a good place to start. As is asking your mentor what he might suggest.

That wraps up our Part 1 of episode this week. It is my hope you got something valuable from it. It is my great honor serving you here through our Anvil podcast. Our next episode we will continue our series with Part 2 about The One, what we can learn from it, and how we can apply it to our lives. Be sure you don’t miss it, as it will continue to build on what we’ve talked about today.

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Men – You are God’s son – Made in His image, and glory – it’s time we start living like it. He wants great things for you, and loves you more then you will ever know.

Do not give up men. Do not give in. Fight the good fight, and you will find your strength.

I am David with Anvil ministries, and the journey continues…