Podcast E14 The Matrix – The One – Part 2

Podcast E14 The Matrix – The One – Part 2

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Podcast E14 The Matrix – The One part 2

Hello, and Welcome to the Anvil Podcast E14! We are countinuing our series on The Matrix looking at the biblical lessons within and how to apply them to our lives. Specifically continuing our topic from last week about The One.

So this is Part 2. If you have not already heard Part 1- Check it out as this episode continues where that one left off. Also if you missed any other in the M series they do all build one each other so best to start at the begining.

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This current series on The Matrix series is sponsored by Olive Branch Community Church in Corona CA.

This weeks episode we are going to continue where we left off in part 1 where we were going through the story of “The One”

Obviously if you have not seen The Matrix this series will ruin it for you. Also the M came out a long time ago, so if its been awhile since you’ve seen it, try and check it out. It will help the things we are going to talk about here. Making things a little more clear, and likely you’ll get more out of the series.

Men- In this series the challenge I have going on for you continues. So keep on doing your best to honestly consider what kind of man you are.

What kind of a man you think you are, what kind of man others think you are, and what kind of man God thinks you are.

For those of you that have been doing that, I know that God has been showing you some good insight that you did not have before. Keep it up. There is more that God has to show you. For those of you that haven’t done that or put in much effort – there are huge blessings waiting for you if you do. Do what you need to so that you don’t forget, or put it off.

With that lets get into it…

Topic- The One.

Here is a quick re-cap to get you back to where we left off last episode-

The first part of the series we talked about the Red Pill and the Blue Pill, and our power of choice as Christians.

Part 2 we talked about “how there is no spoon.” Which is really about faith, and how biblical faith is not a blind faith.

Part 3 We looked at Cypher. How he represents our flesh, and how to fight against our flesh.

The Last Episide we began the story of The One. How The One, is the bulk of the M is about. And how the question of Neo being “the one” or not creates most of the tension in the story.

There are some that believe, and some that don’t, but the story of Neo is really about him disovering who he truly is – as a man.

He starts off as Thomas Anderson. As the story unfolds he discovers that he is The One. Something that at the begining of the story he did not even know existed. He did not even know what the M is, or anything about a prophecy, or The One. That is CRITICAL to what we are be talking about today.

We looked at a couple of people in Neo’s life. Morpheus, Cypher, Trinity, and Mouse, and how they all relate to him being The One. And we also looked at Neo himself, How he starts out in disbelief, then starts to think he may be, then the Oracle tells him that he has “the gift”, but that he is waiting for something, but doesn’t know what.

We talked about names, and identity, and how as men our identity is critical in our walk with God into AM. How just as Neo is begining to discover who he is he is met with resistance with his boss, and then with an agent. More importantly how he chooses to go with the agent because he doesn’t think he has what it takes to climb out and onto the scaffolding. That is sadly true for most of us at some point in our lives.

If we are ever going to be the men that God has called us to be. We have to stop believing the lies we have been told for most of our lives, and start looking at who God made, and the man He intended for us to be. The man we are if we were never born into sin, or sinners ourselves. And start actively participating in our own sanctification.

We also talked about how when we share the Gospel with others we need to do our best to understand, and remember what it is like for a unbeliever. They, like us need equal amounts of Truth, and Grace. And how sometimes we need that little push from God to get us to the place that He wants us to be.

What God has called us to is not small. It is not insignificant. It is epic. It is glorious, because it is for His glory. It is bigger then we can even imagine, and it is unique to us. There is no other created being that can do what God has called you to do like you can.

What God has called you to do may also not be what you think. It is common for us to build our own kingdoms, and make things about us. Pouring into your wife the way Christ poured Himself into the Church may not seem like some epic, glorious thing. Let me assure you it is. Same goes with your children if you have them. Pouring yourself into them, investing in them, getting into their world, and leading them to have a closer walk with God then you do is as world transforming as it gets.

So often I have worked with men that are looking for some epic purpose that in their search they fail to see what is right infront of them. Don’t loose sight of what God has put right in your lap. Sure, He may have called you go into the mission field, or start a church, or some ministry that will reach world wide. Let me tell you, that the greatest influence you will ever have is on the people in your life right now. Don’t loose sight of that in your search for something you think is bigger. Because there isn’t anything bigger. Take the time to invest in the lives of others, and if there is something God has called you to do in addition to that – He will let it grow from that place.

Now, to pick back up where we left in the story we find Neo being arrested, and then gets interviewed by Agent Smith. Now, we find Neo in this place because he chose to be there. He had a choice earlier, but instead of trusting Morphious he goes back to the lies that he has been told his entire life. I don’t know if the Wachowski brothers did this on purpose or not, but I find it awfully interesting that the name the give Neo is Thomas. Is it coincidence that Neo is constantly doubting himself? Is there a tie in with the doubting Thomas we see in the Bible? I don’t know.

One thing is clear – that is Neo has 2 identities, two paths he can choose between. His identity is still the same either way, but he has to fight against the lies to uncover the truth for himself that he is The One.

All of this starts with Morphious. As we talked about last week – Men – we all need someone like Morpheus in our lives. A man that has older wiser council, that only has our best interest in mind. When he speaks into our lives, we need to listen, as it is usually truth against some lie we are fighting against.

We get in these situations, and face these challenges where difficult decisions need to be made. We need a good man by our side to see things that we are blind to.

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Like where we now find Neo in the story. Arrested, and now being questioned by Smith. Agent Smith in this story is a good example of the Enemy we face – the Devil, Satan, whatever you’d like to call him. Now, I do not believe in the “devil made me do it” theology. I do believe that there is a real being out there that hates God, and is out there looking for someone to devour. Looking for an opportunity to steel, kill, and destroy. Because we bear the image of our creator.

In the story, look at how Smith threatens Neo, and how it parallels how Satan threatens us.

He starts with the truth. Recognition that Neo is living two lives. One in person, and one online. Here is the first lie – Smith is trying to confirm that Thomas A. Anderson is Neo’s real identity. Where he is a nice guy. Where he pays his taxes, and helps his land lady carry out her garbage. Smith then villainizes his identity as Neo. Saying that one has a future, and one that does not. You see there is much truth Smith brings up here, but it is twisted, and is incorrect.

Neo resists, but it is too late by then and he gets “bugged”. This is very similar to how the Enemy of God interacts with us. Remember though, that Neo had a choice to escape this whole encounter, but he did not believe that he could. He didn’t believe that he had what it takes. That choice put him in this place with Smith.

When we are facing similar struggles I have found this to be true most of the time. When we believe the lies of the world, or our flesh, or the Enemy instead of holding tight to the truth of God we make ourselves venerable to spiritual attack like we see here. And sometimes we give the Devil a foothold in our lives just like Neo getting bugged.

That is how some spiritual attacks come. We to some degree choose to open the door for them. Once there Satan does what Smith does. Feeds more lies with more truths mixed in. Many times he also offers us a deal, like Smith does with Neo.

And also like Neo gets debugged by others, we need to depend on others to help us rid ourselves of those footholds in our lives. There are many reasons why God has us as different parts of the Body of Christ. This is one of them. We usually think that we can do it on our own, but men – we can’t do it alone. You can’t do it on your own. God designed us to depend on Him, and others. Don’t let your pride keep you in dark places. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

Now, shortly after that Neo meets Morpheus. We already talked about that, and the Red Pill/Blue Pill. What comes after that scene is Neo waking up in the real world. The entire scene is very symbolic of rebirth, or being born again. As the crew fishes Neo out of the water up into the light I can’t help but see this whole thing as symbolic of dieing to your old self, and being reborn. It’s very baptism like. Anyhow, my point here is that there is a entire crew that rescues him. It took a team. As Christians, we need to remember that when someone comes to the Lord. They need a team. They need a crew to help them in this new life as a Christian. Not just pray a prayer, maybe give them a Bible, and send them on their way.

There are also times where we need a crew as Christians. We all face attack. We are all weak, and need each other. Men – I’d encourage you to not shy away from things like this. We really like to be independent, but we need to learn how to depend on others sometimes. Even in a position of leadership. No especially in a position of leadership. When we insist on trying to do everything on our own we set ourselves up for failure.

The next part of the story we get to learn more about what the M is, and Neo starts his training. Morpheus pushes him, and as men we need that. It is how we grow. So when the man you put in that position pushes you, go with it and grow.

As pert of Neo’s training he is introduced to the woman in the red dress. Man, we could do a whole episode on this one. Not just looking at lust, but what is behind the lust – temptation. What looks good, and distracts us from what is actually good can kill us. I’ll leave it at that for now unless I get some requests to go deeper into that.

As part of the woman in the red dress training Morpheus tells Neo more about the Agents. How everyone that has tried to fight them has died, and that some day Neo will have to fight them. Neo responds with “So are you telling me I can dodge bullets?” Morpheus explains “No, when you’re ready you wont have to.

You see men, we need that different perspective to do what we think is impossible. I have seen this in older men that have worked hard to walk with Christ daily. Something along the lines of “If you woulda told me X years ago that I would be _____ I would have never believed you.” God wants awesome, amazing things for us, if we’d only listen, and obey Him.

When facing spiritual attack, its not about dodging the attack, but stoping it completely. That is the power Christ has given us. We just have to learn how to exercise it. God’s Word tells us to “resist the Devil, and he will flee.” I know it’s easier said then done, but it is still doable – when we’re ready.

It is then that Neo goes to see the Oracle. Neo asks “So, she is never wrong?” Morpheus replies “She is a guide. She can help you find your path.” I have seen many men treat God like this at times. Like God is supposed to give us some specific answers. Now, sometimes He does, and other times He doesn’t. What’s important is that we trust Him. That we trust that His Spirit guides us, and helps us find our path. God is not some genie or there to give us all the answers. Many times He is there just to show us the next step He would like us to take. It is up to us to take it.

One of the things that comes up when Neo is meeting with the Oracle is to – Know Thyself. It is the reason I have the challenge I do for this series. It is the main point that I pray God revieals to you through this series. That is you are – The One.

You have likely lived most of your life as expected to. There are things that you don’t know, things that you can’t see. Like Neo, as Thomas Anderson at the begining of this story. You’re progression will likely be similar to his, doubting, then maybe believing, and back and forth until hopefully God shows you that you are The One. Now, in no way am I saying that you are the savior of the world. No. You are not, and will never be Jesus. But you are The One in your story. Living as God intends for you to live. You have skills, and abilities that you likely don’t know you have. God wants you to use them for others. To “set them free.”

You are The One to some. Especially to your Wife, and Kids if you have them. God gave them to you for a reason. There is no one else that can help them like you can. Same thing with others in your life, and also in your church. You are the only one that can do what God has called you to do. Sure, others could step in, but it will never be like it would if you did it. A good example of this is the role of step father. Some of you know this well, and I pray you fill in as best you can. But even as the best stepfather possible, it cannot beat the original role that the father was supposed to fill well.

That is what this is all about. You being The One in your life, and the lives of others. As The One you truely know who you are, what it is you’re responsible for, and how to be responsible for it, and what your purpose is, and are actively pursuing it.

Moving forward with God knowing and doing those things are what it is to live out, and experience AM. The life that God has called you to. Living as The One.

At this point in the story Neo is himself is really begining to believe. He helps rescue Morphious, get him out, and then must face Agent Smith. When facing off against each other Smith says “Goodbye Mr. Anderson.” To which Neo replies “My name is Neo.” Because he knows who he is, and that he does have what it takes.

At the end of the movie we see Neo fully embrace his identity as The One. Where he no longer needs to dodge bullets, but can stop them in mid air. It is my prayer for you that you and God get to a place like that. That you ultimately find your strength in Him, and that He shows His strength in your weakness, and you live out your days with Him doing all He has called and empowered you to do.

Give God control. Be who He made you to be. Live your life as The One and through Him set others free.

I love practical teaching, and taking action. So here is something you can do this week to find your strength-

Take the response you are having to this episode to God. Pray about it. Ask Him for His wisdom, and guidance. Ask Him to show you what you need to see.

If you are able – fast something this week. For those that have not fasted before you can fast just about anything. The point is that it is something that is sacrificial, and something that you’ll give up regularly. I’d say once a day.

The most common thing to fast is food. Now, fasting all food for 7 days is REALLY tough. Count the cost here men. Don’t set your self up for failure. Make a commitment, but stick to it.

When you think about, or crave whatever it is you are fasting (hunger pains if fasting food) use that as a trigger to pray, and seek God about this. Specifically about His purpose for your life, who you are in Him, what you are responsible for, and how to be responsible for it.

You can fast all kinds of things, but it has to remind you to seek God about a particular issue daily. It can be a particular food like all meat, or caffeine, or sugar, or drink only water, or give up video games, or a hobby, etc. If you’re not sure contact us, and we’ll help you sort it out.

That wraps up our episode this week. I hope God used it to bring you closer to Him. It is my great honor serving you here through our Anvil podcast. Our next episode I have something really special planned. You’re not going to want to miss it.

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Men – You are God’s son – made in His image, and glory – I pray you live like it. He wants great things for you – I pray you take the steps needed to receive them.

Don’t give up men. Don’t give in. Run the race that God has called you too with endurance. Continue to fight the good fight, and you will find your strength.

I am David with Anvil ministries, and the journey continues…