The core of Anvil Ministries is built upon four key Factions to help men find their strength. They are Forge, Carbon, Hammer, and The Armory.

Forge (growth) serves men and local churches through interactive weekly lessons, support, and accountability. Food is provided at each meeting. For more information on Forge Click Here.

Carbon (outreach) serves men and local churches through monthly “fun with purpose” events designed to bring men together relationally through activity. Carbon is the frontline of introducing men to the Gospel through relationships of Christian men, with non-Christian men. Carbon is also a critical area where we take great care to connect men generationally (specifically older with younger). For more information on Carbon Click Here

Hammer (practical service) serves men and local churches through practically taking on the needs of those in local churches, and the local community. Hammer events also utilize these serving opportunities to connect men through activity and learn Man Skills. For more information on Hammer Click Here.

The Armory (resources) serves men and local churches by offering practical resources, and ministry resources. Practical resources can be anything from jobs to clothing, housing, vehicle needs, job training, financial management, etc. Ministry resources are anything that can help a man do what God has called him to do. That can mean anything from marriage counseling resources, fatherhood resources, and specific areas of ministry like becoming an author, or pastor, planting a church, starting a ministry to the homeless, or reaching out to those in prison, or addiction recovery, etc. For more information on The Armory Click Here.