Men connect and build relationships by doing things together. In essence Anvil’s outreach is all about that – fun with a purpose. It is the place where men can go and just have a great time, and connect with other men. We have regular events throughout the year, and Man Night on the First Friday of every month. Come on out and try something new, or something you already love.

Here are a few of the events you will experience at Anvil’s outreach events:

  • Hiking Trips
  • Campouts
  • Archery Competitions
  • “Top Shot” Competition
  • Motorcycle Group Rides
  • Hunting Trips
  • 4×4 Off Road trips
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Bike rides (Mtn. and St.)
  • Paintball/Airsoft
  • Shooting (Skeet, Handguns, and Rifles)
  • Rock climbing
  • Disc Golf
  • Boxing and MMA
  • Backpacking
  • Car shows
  • Team sports
  • Professional Sports Games
  • and more…

Don’t see anything you’d like to do here? We are always interested in new ideas. Contact us and let us know your idea for our next event.

Find Your Strength.