A key part of Anvil Ministries is all about practical service. There are a lot of men that would love to serve God using the gifts God has given them. Many churches only have areas to serve in children’s ministry, or perhaps as an usher. There is nothing wrong with those of course, but at Anvil Ministries we aim to give men more options to serve.

Come and serve others inside the church and in the local community. Everything from home/building and auto maintenance/repair, to landscaping, security, and more. Unique to Anvil is the inclusion of something we call “Man Skills”. So not only can you come and serve, but an expert will be there to help you learn how to do a specific skill at the same time.

Need the brakes done on your car? Let us know, and Anvil will have an experienced mechanic come and replace them with other men to help. At the same time, less experienced men will learn how to change the brakes on their own vehicles. What about needs you may have for your home, or see in your community? Anvil will bring in the men that know how to get the job done and teach others those skills at the same time. Does your church or ministry need men to help with security, an event, or other need?

Contact us and let us know, we’d love to help.

Find Your Strength.