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As Christians most of us believe that reaching men is important. Most of us believe that men are called to be the head of their family, and servant leaders in the church and community. Yet, as pastors, and ministry leaders we struggle to help men in the areas they need the most.

It is no surprise that reaching men at church is one of the largest challenges we face. Closing the gender gap, and not just reaching men, but greatly impacting their life is difficult to say the least. What is surprising to us here at Anvil Ministries is that even though most churches agree that reaching men is very important there is rarely a full time staff member dedicated to bring the quality needed to reach and care for those men. It is not that the desire is not there, it is usually a lack of time and resources.

That’s where Anvil Ministries comes in. Anvil comes along side the Church to help in this critical area. Imagine if your church had a full time men’s pastor. What could he do for the men of your church? What could he do for the men not attending your church? One person dedicated to the encouragement, spiritual growth, and development of the men of your church. Helping them to be the men God has called them to be. Coming alongside the men in your church to deal with any sin, and over come it with God. Giving those men many areas to serve with their gifts and skills through your church, and in the local community. Men reaching out to connect with non-Christian men regularly in the ways that men truly connect. Ultimately men becoming disciples that make disciples serving God through your church.

That is what Anvil Ministries does, and is what we are all about. Helping local churches help men find their strength.

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