Partner with Anvil Ministries

As a non-profit parachurch ministry Anvil Ministries depends on the support of others like you. Practical, Spiritual, and Financial support are all necessary, and greatly appreciated. If you are interested in partnering with Anvil in any way let us know so we can add you to our Anvil Partners newsletter.

Practical Partners-

We often have needs for physical items that you may be willing to donate, or know someone that may. These items range from tools and supplies for Service Projects, Outreach Events, or Equipping resources like clothing, vehicles, job openings, etc. Also items for object lessons, and experiential messages. To see a up to date list of needed items Click Here.

Spiritual Partners-

Anvil Ministries is a place where God moves greatly in the lives of men. Like the forging of raw steel and iron, the work of becoming that complete and finished piece is no easy task. Men face many great challenges, and need the spiritual support of others. The prayers and mentorship of people like you make all the difference in helping men take that next step closer to God. If you would like to come alongside the spiritual transformation of men Click Here.

Financial Partners-

All donations received go directly to helping men of all walks of life have a better relationship with themselves, others, and God. We are asking for a commitment of $20 a month for 18 months to help support this ministry. We keep all of our financial records completely transparent so anyone can see exactly how we are using the funds we have to reach men. If you would like to partner with Anvil Ministries financially click on the link below.