Practical Partners with Anvil Ministries

Below is a list of items that Anvil Ministries is looking for as donations, or for as cheap as we can get them. Anvil also partners with several local churches that have practical items they are looking for. Take a look and see you may be willing to donate some, or see if anyone you know may.

Anvil Ministries-

* A blacksmithing anvil over 100lbs (can pick up anywhere in Southern CA)
* 20 Mora classic knives like the ones pictured here- (
* 20 Composition Notebooks
* 10 Rite in the Rain memo books (
* Cough drops
* 20 Light colored ceramic tiles no larger then a dinner plate, and no smaller then a coaster. (They do not need to match)
* 4 wooden spindles found here- (
* DSLR video camera
* Tripod for video camera
* Apple Macintosh Computer that can run Adobe Photoshop, and Premiere for image and video editing/creation.
* Wireless clip on microphone like the one here- (

Have an item? Let us know!